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Tico Paradise is a travel agency and tour operator specializing in the coordination of travel experiences to Costa Rica. 

We have services as collective transport, private transfers, flights tickets, all-inclusive hotels and tours.

You do not need to worry about the coordination of your trip, leave that job to our experts. Pura Vida! 

What do our services include?

What do you imagine when you think of Costa Rica? Of course, there are its famous beaches that love all its visitors, but there is much more to live there. Its forests are a natural wonder that host an impressive amount of flora and fauna, its mountain boutique hotels are perfect to escape the world and its cities vibrate day and night. 

Our packages are made to measure according to the needs of the client, so you will not have to worry about anything, you should only enjoy paradise

A private transport means you will have different service based on last models vans, flexible departure times, wait at airports, road stops, bilingual drivers, water, wifi and what ever you need. 

With a private transport you decide pick up time, also you will have one hour of waiting in case of delay or if you need to stop at a souvenir.

You can choose between a van or sedan car.

Our shuttle system connect the principal destinations of Costa Rica with almost 2 different departure times. Shuttle shared transport means you will travel at a low cost but accompanied by other tourists who will going to the same destination at the selected time.

This transportation incluide only one stop of 15 minutes for use bathrooms in a specific place.

We are always have availability in hotels of medium category, all-inclusive resorts or the most luxurious hotels. They are more than 50 hotels throughout the country with excelent deals. Search hotels by area and you will find the minimum standards of accommodation and include as breakfast or wifi.

We have more than 100 tours in Costa Rica, among the main naturalist hikes in hanging bridges, near active volcanoes, in cloud forest reserves, close to amazing beaches or just go to enjoy an adventure tours like white water rafting or zip line.

Enjoy the best Costa Rica tours booking at the best price online.

Do not worry if you do not know how to get to Costa Rica from your home country. This guide will give you an idea of the real price of the ticket and all the flight details from and to the main airports of Costa Rica.

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